We Can All Care A Little More

     Robin Williams died. He was a funny man. He sure made me laugh. I remember the many "Mork and Mindy" episodes I watched. We also know that he battled depression. Behind the smile was a heart that hurt.
     Robin Williams once said that being alone is not the most tragic thing in life. He further said it is being with people who make us feel alone that is the most tragic thing in life.
     Community--Christian community--is so important. But it is important only if community is that place where we are with people who do not make us feel alone. In community we must feel accepted and cared for. If we fail to be this kind of community...well, we fail. In community, we are part of something...and not alone.
     We have no idea the pain and the struggle that reside in some hearts. Shame on us if people come away from an encounter with us feeling alone. We can all care. We can all care a little bit more. This is what Christian community is about.
    "There were no needy persons among them...." (Acts 4:34a)