The Run Completed

Well.... My two sons completed the Warrior Dash. In fact, my younger son, Jon, finished in 243rd place. There were over five thousand entered. They told me that next year they would like me to enter with them. Yeah...right! My running days are behind me. They tried to encourage me by saying there were many "older people" my age who just walked the course. I am not sure I found that very encouraging. Anyway, they entered and finished. They gave witness to their faith by wearing their T-shirts with the Bible verse stenciled on them. But by the end of the race, the words on their T-shirts could not be read. They had to crawl through mud. The mud covered their shirts. The words on the shirts could not be seen through the mud. It has been said that we are to proclaim the Gospel. And, if it is necessary, we are to use words. You see, as we share our faith people will not always hear what we say. The words get lost amongst all the noise of the world. People cannot see or hear the words through all the mud. But people will always see how we live. We follow Jesus. That is how we live. And how we live will speak more clearly than any words we use. Our lives are a proclamation of the Gospel. Proclaim the Gospel. Use words only when necessary. Grace and Peace, Pastor Dan Doughty

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