The Big Coffee Cup Controversy

     I have often said the devil is a crafty one. He can be so subtle.
     Seems there is a controversy brewing over Starbucks' Christmas coffee cups. The cups are just going to be red for this Christmas season. There will be no designs or no little something that conveys in even a subtle way what this season is all about. There are certain followers of Jesus who are up in arms. At least one presidential candidate has called for a boycott of Starbucks. Oh my....
     The enemy is laughing. He has pulled off a good one. It is a subtle attack that has diverted our attention from things that perhaps matter more?
     First, let me say that I admire the passion. Passion is a good thing. But mis-directed passion is not so good.
     Second, the role of Starbucks in the world is just to serve a good cup of coffee...or a good cup of whatever else that fancy stuff is they serve. They have not been called to be a shining light for Jesus in this dark world. Followers of Jesus have been called to be that.
     We must direct our passion into being who and what we are called to be...and not waste it on trying to get a coffee company to change the design on its cup.
     There are hurting people in this world. There are hungry people. There are lost people. There are those who simply need a cup of cold water...and not our opinion on what that cup looks like. We need to be a light for Jesus in this dark world. That is what this season is about.
      So I think I will buy a cup of Starbucks coffee. I will tell the person giving me the cup of coffee that Jesus loves him or her. I will drink the coffee. And then put the cup in the recycle bin. That is where this debate over the design on the cup needs to go.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Dan