November is soon here. The "official "Thanksgiving season. Football. Fellowship. Food. There is that special feast on Thanksgiving Day. Turkey is usually at the center of the meal. But there are the mashed potatoes and gravy, the sweet potatoes, the stuffing, the cranberries, the rolls, etc. I remember one Thanksgiving. I was twelve-years-old. My family feasted on cheeseburgers. We were living in St. Paul. My parents rented our dwelling. My father, due to injury and illness, had been out of work. My family went through a time of...well, we were poor. I did not know at the time how difficult it was. My parents did not complain to us kids. But looking back, I now know how much of a struggle it was for Dad and Mom. Dad worked hard to regain his strength and health. He did. He was able to secure a good job. My parents saved money. Eventually they were able to make a down payment on a house in Brooklyn Center. We were about to move into our home. I would also get my own bedroom. It was 1967 when we made the move. Moving week was the week of Thanksgiving. In fact, the move was completed the day before Thanksgiving. So the rest of that day and Thanksgiving Day were spent unpacking and putting things in their proper place. With the hustle and bustle and all that, there was not much time to prepare the usual feast. So Mom fried up cheeseburgers. We also had some fries. To this day that ranks right up there as my fondest Thanksgiving memory. It was the best Thanksgiving. Why? Because it was not about what we were eating. It was about those things for which we were thankful. Strength. Security. Health. And, finally, we were home. We were home. I want to resist the cliches and all that. We know what the season is about. We know we should be thankful always. But we must always reflect upon those blessings in our lives, and then say, "Thank you." I know we live in some troubling times. But I am thankful for the strength and security and protection I find in Jesus. In this world, I am thankful that I am always at home in Jesus. Paul said it well in the book of 1 Thessalonians. "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." For followers of Jesus, there is no official season for remembering blessings and being thankful. We are a thankful people.