All Church, Old Fashioned, Western

Style Hootenanny and BBQ

annually on the 3rd Saturday of September 


Hoot 2017
Hootenanny XII  (style to be determined)
Saturday, September 16, 2017 
6 PM dinner 
Tickets go on sale Sundays starting August 27, 2017
$10 reserved seating

Hoot 2016
College Game Day Style
view the recap here and see Pastor Dan as a cheerleader, the District Superintendent as a cheerleader, and Gary Gerke shirtless
Hoot 2015
All Church, Old Fashioned, BROADWAY Style, Hootenanny X
Saturday, September 19, 2015 

(video summary to come)

Hoot 2014…

…was a great success.  We served a record number of individuals, the meal was fabulous, the dessert extraordinary, and the acts were better than ever.  We enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus and his beloved elf.  Watch below for a recap of the closing act by the Blue Monk Group.

2014 Hootenanny opening act
“Jacques Hockey”

2014 Hootenanny ad shown in church on 8/24/14




All Church,

Old Fashioned,

Southern Style

Hootenanny & BBQ




Our District Superintendent’s hootenanny limerick:

There once was First Church there in Lindstrom

They prayed and they served and they sang some

But their Hoot was the best

By all folks they were blessed

It was a great gift to Christendom

          Pam Serdar

District Superintendent Pam Serdar


Pastor Dan Doughty

Pastor Dan’s dramatic reading from Hootenanny VIII


Celery raw

develops the jaw,

but celery stewed

is more quietly chewed

          Ogden Nash



Angelic Harry Carey

2008-Sep HootIII



Sumo wrestler dramatic reading

and much more

Jim and Terry

Sue at piano

2008-Sep HootIII (9)2006-Sep Church Hootenany (43)

2006-Sep Church Hootenany (48)